Gwain Nighthawk

Gwain Nighthawk has a passion for creating magick through musick! Along his path he has created his own brand of musickal* shamanism --- aiming to transport the listener on an inner journey of both discovery and healing.

The Native American flute has an almost innate spiritually healing quality to it's sound. Made of wood provided by Mother Earth, its sound speaks to a part of our inner make-up deep within us. It naturally brings the listener into a state of meditative calm and often takes them on an inner journey. It is with this goal that Gwain creates musick as a form of spiritual expression to share with all.

Gwain's playing style ranges from that reminiscent of traditional Native American sounds, to contemporary renditions with flavors from around the world. He enjoys playing and working with other artists, and is often accompanied musickally by his husband, author and artist Blake Octavian Blair, on percussion and supporting flute parts.

As a shamanic practitioner, Gwain also is skilled in the art of bone throwing. Bone throwing is a form of divination that can be traced back to the Sangoma shamans of Africa. Through the casting of collected objects which hold symbolic significance to the practitioner, guidance and information for the client can be gleamed. Gwain is pleased to be able to assist clients on their path by offering guidance through this time tested method. Gwain also offers classes on learning this method of divination.

In addition to his musickal and shamanic practices, Gwain is also a proud Reiki practitioner, environmentalist, vegetarian, quilter, and is active in his regional spiritual community. He currently resides in Carrboro, North Carolina with his husband, Blake Octavian Blair.

* The terms Musick and Magick are spelled with the addition of the letter K to denote the spiritual connotation and intention of the work the term references.

Disclaimer: Gwain Nighthawk does not claim membership of any federally recognized Native American Nation.

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