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Released in 2012, Canyon Storm features melodies on the Native American Flute with world percussion and an emphasis on traditional instruments. These sounds have been combined into a contemporary blend with multi-cultural influences.

Blake Octavian Blair played percussion throughout the album, both accompanying and complementing Gwain's engaging flute melodies . While recording we were accompanied by several guest artists who lent their creative talents and flavors adding unique dimension to the album's sound.

This album would not have been possible without community involvement. Thank you to each and every one of the following for your incredible generosity: Mermaid Mansion, Ellie B. Rose, Truely Unique, Barb N., Adam and Guen F, Alice H., Amanda and Michael M., Amy R., Barbara M., Carlos Z., Christina M., Dawn L., Dylan T., Ed D., Este D., Frietzche A., Ian H., Jena R., Jessica P., Jim M., John C., Jon N., Judy M., Keith G., Linda S., Mame W., Mickie M., Kris B., Natalie Z., Opus Aima Obscurę, Pam and Roger M., Raven, Renee and Eli O., Scott and Dawn N., Steven K., Sue B., Teri B., Veronica and Bernie Z., Vickie P., Wessa O., and William Y.

Recorded at:

Sienna Farms Recording Studios
P.O. Box 1593
Wake Forest, NC, 27588

Music, Recording, and Editing: Sherrie Hill-Rosche
Final Mix/Sr. Engineer: Mark Rosche

Mastered by:

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